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The Pandemic ended ... 

Now we go forward


As the world considers how to navigate the post-COVID-19 future, the only certainty is that it will be different, or as McKinsey & Company writes, “the future is not what it used to be.” But then, the future is always different, and always uncertain. The past is less so. Considering the lessons of history can help business leaders and policy makers figure out how to manage the challenging years ahead.

citing McKinsey & Company

Our Vision

Attending a live show or art presentation offers the human experience of interaction, of discovery and exploration of new culture.  For most people, music art has a huge impact on mental well-being, and the poetry of music stimulates the imagination, heart and spirit.  These are things that positively affect the mental state and enrich the life experience.

Music brings value in three ways:  IDENTITY, ENGAGEMENT and CURRENCY.


  • Music establishes an emotional connection in a manner that increases brand recognition, creates excitement, and generates buzz; and music can empower the audience, offering valuable content to discover and share.


  • Music creates the value that wins the war for attention and develops a genuine connection with an audience.  When incorporated into marketing strategy, music not only creates loyalty, but true advocacy.


  • Music is the emotional connection to anything visual.

Our Proposal

We seek Partnership Marketing participation on our 2023-2024 BOSSA NOVA NOITES global events.

This lucrative music, TV and cultural event pays homage to the great legacy and heritage of Brazilian music and art.  Our mutual opportunity is the chance to leverage the unique Bossa Nova Noites platform to link public, private, and SOE policy with an identification with Brazilian music in a manner that increases global brand recognition. 

In 2023-2024, we are primarily targeting Olympic cities: London, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Montreal, Seoul, Tokyo, Barcelona, Atlanta & Sydney, and then New York City.  We then plan to focus on the China market: Beijing (twice an Olympic city), Chengdu, Macao, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Dalian, Jinan, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Wuhan.

"The Nexus of Culture, Public Policy and International Marketing"

A 3.5 billion person global TV audience witnessed the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Brazil’s fabulous showcase of its brilliant and unique cultural legacy, its music, and emergence in the world as a significant player.

Daniel Jobim and Gisele Bundchen opened the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics -- with Daniel performing the classic "Garota de Ipanema" 
(Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim & Lyrics by Vinicius de Moraes)
This is the 2nd most recorded song in music history

The Brazil Opportunity

Brazil is a targeted opportunity for the world to enhance identity by forging an on-going global connection to the value and awareness of, the relevance of, and relationship to an important market.

Our "Bossa Nova Noites" strategy does that.  We leverage live presentations and multimedia to link constituents to classic Brazilian music that reflects this market’s amazing culture and heritage.  We do so in a way that enhances the relationship and connection between a partner and the emotional and tangible commercial perception of its Brazilian customers and its global constituency.


For global partners with a long-term and valued commitment to the Brazil market, advancing the Brazil connection on a global basis is a long-tail marketing and communications opportunity, and a very smart policy move.

Proposition and Invitation

We invite you to be a part of the exciting Bossa Nova Noites project!


Our project presents a tremendous opportunity for you to further highlight your commitment to Brazil.  


We seek your collaboration with us on the project, as we believe it is a new avenue for you to enhance your global image, and it presents an opportunity to expand your business and institutional focus in important countries and regions of the world where you do business.


The global marketing of Brazilian music allows us a unique communications platform to further connect your identity to:


(A) Direct facilitation of ongoing global awareness of a diverse constituency’s culture and heritage, and its pressing public policy issues and concerns, and


(B) Clear commitment to embrace and enable high impact solutions, changing global demographics and the sensibilities of the millennial generation.


The Bossa Nova Noites project is a worthwhile opportunity for us to focus on together.  This is why we seek to be introduced to your most senior officials to discuss how our Brazilian-themed global marketing initiative can benefit your goals.


Please take a few minutes to read our proposal; and we encourage you to contact us at your convenience.  


Please note that we are flexible and we will work with you to customize your presence and provide your programs with the most beneficial exposure.

"Bossa Nova Noites"

The BOSSA NOVA NOITES concert series was introduced to the world during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.  The series featured Daniel Jobim and Alexandra Jackson in concert with an all-star Brazilian band.  They performed music from the song catalog of the great Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, and other great Brazilian composers -- spreading wide throughout Rio de Janeiro the soul of Brazilian music -- in the heart of the city that made Samba, Bossa Nova and MPB global phenomena.

The “Bossa Nova Noites: 2016 in Rio de Janeiro” festival focused on presenting Brazilian music culture and heritage to the “global audience” gathered in Rio.  Exclusive performances ranged in location from the Opening Ceremony of the Rio2016 Olympics (where Daniel Jobim performed “Girl from Ipanema” to a 350 million person global TV audience) to appearances at the International Rio Media Center (home to 8,000 journalists from 103 countries), on the NBC TODAY SHOW, and at the National Olympic Houses of Germany, France, Japan, United States and Denmark.  Bossa Nova Noites concerts brought the best of Brazilian music and soul to an international audience at a time when the world’s attention was focused on Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games.

Brazil 2023 forward


100 years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ... Samba was born; and, the global phenomenon that is Bossa Nova was introduced 60 years ago -- reaching its peak in 1965 with the GRAMMY Record of the Year success of the classic song that opened the Rio2016 Olympics ... “Girl from Ipanema”.  Legacy and Alchemy captured the moment in 2016, and continued in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. 

From "2023 forward", we will present Bossa Nova Noites around the world as both a concert series brand and arts festival brand honoring and celebrating the wonder of Brazilian music and culture for the enjoyment and appreciation by global audiences.

Bossa Nova Noites Global Concert Series

The “Bossa Nova Noites” concert series is produced by Rio de Janeiro/U.S.-based producer Robert Hebert. 

With support of Brazil's music industry and public sector, and over a dozen foreign consulates in Rio de Janeiro, including: China, Japan, USA, France, Germany, and others, we will tour "Bossa Nova Noites" around the world.


The music series features our all-star team of musicians (including David Feldman, Jesse Sadoc, and Paulo Calasans) performing music from the song catalogs of Brazilian greats Vinícius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ivan Lins, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque, Dona Ivone Lara, and others.

Our creative team members are vital players in Brazilian Music — major creative collaborators of Brazil stars such as Ivan Lins, Marcos Valle, Caetano Veloso, Djavan, Marisa Monte, Carlinhos Brown, Maria Rita, Seu Jorge, Joao Bosco, Roberta Sa, Jorge Aragao, Jorge Benjor, Martinho da Vila and Mart'nália, among many others.

In addition to launching a fabulous new Brazilian legacy music project, we also launch the contemporary music careers of a multi-ethnic, diverse collective of talented, fresh new female singers, most notably, Brazilians VITORIA MORAES, MONIQUE ELEN, MARI BODAS and LUIZA CRUZ.


The 2023 "Robert Hebert: BOSSA NOVA NOITES ... Soul Brasileiros" project is supported by a 4 Volume Music set of over 40 songs featuring established stars and our new stars.  With the new project, as Producer & Artist, Robert Hebert has envisioned a new music style crafted from the synergy of the roots of Brazilian music and the roots of the iconic music of his Chicago hometown.  Hebert sees our stars Vitoria, Monique, Mari and Luiza leading a major part of this connection between Brazilian music and culture and the world.


Hebert says:  "I have been here before.  I believe I know what it takes.  These extraordinary Brazilian women have the talent, grace, humility, humanity, perspective and strength of character to carry the weight.  They are solo contemporary popular music artists -- each with an individual music style, aesthetic and brand.  Yet they have chosen to travel this path together and with us to honor their (Brazil) culture, as we tell the universal story of the Africa-Brazil-U.S. to the world popular music diaspora.  I am greatly honored by that vision and their trust."

"A Felicidade"

Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim & Lyrics by Vinicius de Moraes

This legendary song debuted in the iconic 1959 film "Orfeu Negro" 

-- based on Vinicius' historic 1956 play "Orfeu da Conceição".

Partner Opportunity

BOSSA NOVA NOITES presents 4 significant value propositions. 


1.  Our project can target focus on a company's image, brand, goodwill, and currency. 


  • That presents the opportunity for maintaining loyalty and increasing preference; and, in Brazil, that has a high impact on the people and partner eco-system.


2.  We successfully execute global Brazilian music and culture-focused strategies.


  • The areas we executed included Music and Video Production, Branding, Social Media, Promotion, PR, Global Marketing, Distribution, Sales, Networking, Product Development, Live Performance, TV, Advertising, Public Presentations, Public Policy engagement, International engagement and Hospitality.


3.  Bossa Nova Noites already enjoys both Brazilian and international recognition, and public acceptance of our proposition.


  • Our multi-year strategy encompasses the establishment of “Bossa Nova Noites” as an international convener of a holistic array of corporate and SOE stakeholders, media, prominent music families, and public policy stakeholders that include Arts and Culture organizations, NGOs, Schools and Universities, Government: youth affairs, economic development, education and tourism offices, the Brazil Ministry of Citizenship, and Cultural Attaches from almost 20 foreign consulates in Rio de Janeiro who we expect to support us around the world where we will hold events.

4.  We understand our lucrative, target audience. 


  • Bossa Nova Noites concerts will be videotaped for distribution over Cultural TV Networks (e.g., PBS, BBC, NHK, etc.) in 25 global markets -- to an aggregate 3.3 billion person addressable market.


Concerts will be videotaped for presentation on Cultural TV Networks (PBS, BBC, NHK, etc.) in 25 markets -- to an aggregate 3.3 billion person addressable market.

China (1.43B)

United States (329M)

Brazil (211M)

Rússia (142M)

Mexico (128M)

Japan (127M)

Germany (84M)

United Kingdom (68M)

Françe (65M)

Italy (61M)

Spain (47M)

Argentina (45M)

Poland (38M)

Canada (37M)

Australia (25M)

Holland (17M)

Belgium (11M)

Czech Republic (11M)

Portugal (10M)

Sweden (10M)

Switzerland (9M)

Austria (9M)

Denmark (6M)

Finland (6M)

Norway (5M)

This will be facilitated thru our team members, including our membership in the UNESCO-founded, Vienna-based IMZ International Music + Media Centre, a Nonprofit Organisation that was founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1961 to preserve the performing arts as a cultural asset.

IMZ's mission is to promote the performing arts in and through audiovisual media in order to make music + dance performances available for future generations but also to reach + engage new audiences through the more easily accessible medium film.

As a global business network for more than 150 IMZ Member Organisations, IMZ provides relevant information + opportunities for those active at the intersection of performing arts + media: leading film + TV production companies, public + private broadcasters, streaming platforms, distributors + record labels as well as opera houses, concert halls, orchestras and dance companies.

Cultural Nexus


Music is a vital means of connecting people, promoting the exchange of language and culture, and exhibiting anthropological identity and artistic expression.


Music offers us a transformative experience, and is a powerful catalyst for promoting social change and generating economic benefits.


We recognize the importance of Brazilians to the world’s music and culture.  With our deep commitment to honoring the legacy of Brazilian music, we understand that we also have a clear responsibility and mission to leverage our commercial efforts in a way that helps to benefit Brazil's society.


In these contexts, our mission with Bossa Nova Noites includes the preservation of the memory, culture and heritage of Brazilian music, and promoting the relation that has to the creation of innovative, lasting cultural, social and ec


Globally, we have enjoyed media coverage in over 200 articles in Brazil and internationally, including being featured on CNN International.


We propose that you become a Partner/ marketing and communications constituent for our “Bossa Nova Noites: Brazil 2023 forward" strategy.


The central theme of the Bossa Nova Noites project is the embracement and inclusion of Brazilian music culture in the context of the world’s musical cultural continuum, preserving the memory and culture of Brazilian music.


Our interest in this project extends to the opportunity to participate in this unique multimedia, communications and marketing platform – with an objective to create innovative, lasting educational and social engagement.  We make the global “music diaspora” connection (Africa-Brazil-USA-Europe-Asia) -- promoting music education for young people from socially vulnerable segments of society, with special attention to women's empowerment in music and self-esteem.  The world's cultures understand the importance of this foregoing opportunity, and they work with their musical communities to accelerate the growth of music appreciation as a way to identify and eliminate barriers. 


Our initiative serves as an effective multimedia, communications and marketing platform that we can leverage to advance these missions. 

We believe our Brazilian media and policy initiative aligns with your vital global policy and your initiatives.  


We go into considerable detail in the Partnership Benefits sub-page (benefits that we propose to collaborate with you to tailor to your specific needs, goals and objectives).  At a high level, we offer the following summary benefits, and the extraordinary Exposure indicated below.


1. Marketing, licensing and Partnership opportunities.

2. Complementary brand activation strategy for existing marketing programs.

3. “Presents …” naming rights via Internet, and at-events.

4. Control of private presentation areas.


5. Coordination with our public sector partner contacts.


6. Coordination with our media professionals.


7. Press conferences at events.


8. Live streaming of the “Bossa Nova Noites: Brazil 2023 forward” concerts via the Internet and Social Media channels.


9. Meet and greets with VIPs, artists, public officials.


10. Social activation with local communities.


11. Special “Bossa Nova Noites: 2023 forward” commemorative items.


12. Marketing and advertising content.


13. Television exposure:  Our target strategy focuses on "Cultural TV Networks" in 25 countries around the world.


As appropriate and agreed upon, we can provide exclusive "Presenter" marketing rights to Bossa Nova Noites, or exclusive marketing rights to a specific area or deliverable.


We will coordinate all media and public relations with your communications teams.


We will place your name / logo in all Bossa Nova Noites social media and Internet presences, website pages, etc. created to support the project.


There will be regular exposure via all associated social media channels.


We will incorporate mentions in the Bossa Nova Noites newsletter.


There will be URL and company overview links on the Bossa Nova Noites website.


We will build a media toolkit which enables your organization to use to effectively raise your Profile.


We will provide audio and visual content for your use in supporting your independent media, marketing and communications programs.


What actions do we want you to take in combination with your Partnership?


• Provide logo, website URL and biography.

• Use the Partner Toolkit provided when communicating about the project.

• Support our campaigns as much as possible by retweeting and sharing.

• Get involved as much as possible in helping us meet the targets we have set.

• Other areas as discussed.


How will we tell the World that you partnered on this Campaign?


• As indicated above, we will use your logo on the website as a Partner.

• We will collaborate on a regular basis to provide you with an update on what's happening with the project as well as to ask you to update us on anything from your side.

• We will reference your parnership when presenting this campaign around the world.


Legacy and Alchemy appreciates that marketing objectives must impact sales and protect or improve a partner’s image and bottom line.  Thus, we propose to collaborate with partners to establish "crafted" marketing objectives.  

A.  We understand that our efforts are about the partner; and we want to know how you believe you can leverage Legacy and Alchemy and Bossa Nova Noites’ unique marketing initiatives to reach the objectives.




• Increase revenue in Brazil

• Increase Brazilian customer loyalty and repeat sales through social media marketing

• Increase global brand awareness among targeted demographics


B.  We understand that it is our responsibility to establish the marketing objectives with the partner.  We can:


• Agree on how to measure success

• Provide unique marketing initiatives the Partner will leverage to meet the objectives


C.  We understand that the success of any partnership can be measured in two ways:


Quantitatively – tangible results we can count.


For example, we expect to dramatically impact our number of social media followers in 2023.  We expect to establish a subscription-based customer loyalty program.  We will tie all concerts, content and various events to partner web presences, and we expect an increase in unique visits to the partner’s social media and web platforms from such events, content, etc.


Qualitatively – less tangible results that improve the Partner’s position or circumstance.


Our highest impact (though most difficult to measure) marketing objectives are qualitative or intangible.  This includes customer satisfaction levels, customer loyalty and brand perception within demographics.  We must measure with customer surveys and testimonials, and by measuring the side-effects and indirect outcomes.  We can document customer referrals; and, we can document attendance by targeted demos, such as youth, women, family, etc. at our events.




• Positive brand chatter on the various social media networks

• Higher numbers of customers contributing to surveys

• Lower churn rate of customer relative to the Partner’s main competitor


See Sub-page


Perhaps 55% of Brazil’s 211 million people define themselves as black or mixed-race -- making Brazil (with 110 million “Afro-Brazilians”) the world’s 2nd largest black population after Nigeria.  Unfortunately, in Brazil, white workers earn (on average) 72.5% more than their black counterparts.  There also is imbalance in the comparative numbers of black and white university graduates.  (citing World Bank statistics) Those disparities impact in fundamental ways, e.g., Afro-Brazilians occupy 6.3% of management positions and 4.7% of executive posts in Brazil’s 500 largest companies; and, Afro-Brazilians comprise the majority of Brazil’s 55 million people living in poverty. 

Brazilian Non-Profits We Will Support

With those disparities in mind, our altruistic mission includes our ability to leverage the revenue generation and communications capability of the Bossa Nova Noites music multimedia platform to support Rio de Janeiro non-profits that are addressing the above-referenced disparities through programs targeting the cultural recognition, education, training and job prospects of Afro-Brazilians.  These programs provide valuable and sustainable inclusion initiatives that are focused on Life-Changing Engagement benefits such as.


• Education

• Job Training

• Cultural and Public Policy Awareness 

• Seminar and Workshop Opportunity

• Apprenticeship and Internship Opportunity

• Job and Career Opportunity

We also will support the cultural non-profit Instituto Antônio Carlos Jobim, and China Consulate in Rio de Janeiro programs.

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