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Mari Bodas

Who is Mari Bodas?

From Rio de Janeiro, it is through music and art that Mari Bodas likes to express her feelings.

Mari is a singer and songwriter that conquers people with her combination of R&B and Pop wherever she goes.

Since she was 9 years old, Mari has always had the dream of performing on the big stages. Guided by her wonderful mother Flavia, at 10 Mari started making presentations on Rádio Nacional, in a children's program called “Rádio Maluca” and from then began working with music in the recording of advertisements and jingles.

At age 18, she was nominated to participate as a backing vocalist in the program "The Voice: Kids" and soon after invited to the same role in another program of the same network, "Pop Star".

In 2019 she participated in "The Voice, Brasil", where she enchanted everyone and was recognized by several artists in the field. That brought her wider attention within Brazilian music circles ... which eventually led to her being introduced to Bossa Nova Noites.

In recent years, Mari began independently releasing her authorial songs, highlighting her soft voice that at the same time roars with great intensity. Her musical inspirations and references come from voices like Ariana Grande, H.E.R, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and more.

With Bossa Nova Noites, Mari leads our "Alquimia" (alchemy) 2nd act ... performing in both English and Portuguese ... showing the world a "NextGen" vision of where Brazilian music can go internationally.

Going forward, Mari will be appearing in the "Legado" (legacy) 1st act as well, singing classic songs. She sees the opportunity and responsibility to share the great legacies with her generation.

Mari Bodas

On the 2023 Bossa Nova Noites album Mari will be singing as many as 13 songs ... ranging from Brazilian classics to original international Pop songs. All of the music will present Mari in context of her Brazilian roots, while demonstrating an international vision.

Bossa Nova Noites' CEO Robert Hebert remarks that he finds himself marveling at Mari's personality and honest personal emotion. He speaks of her as the daughter he never had ... and that he at times finds himself chuckling to himself about her natural charisma and youthful energy.

Robert says: "Well ... So, this is what Taylor Swift's father must feel like everyday. I get it. Let's buckle up for this big ride everybody."

Obviously ... Bossa Nova Noites believes in this young woman: Mari Bodas.

The music is done. She has done her job.

The world soon will come to know what we already know.

Vai la!

Mari Bodas
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