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Monique Elen

Who is Monique Elen?

Monique Elen is a singer and instrumentalist born and raised in Maringá-Paraná, Brazil.

Monique started her career at age 12 when she became interested in the guitar. Since then she has studied guitar, keyboard, acoustic guitar, drums and vocals. And, this year, she graduated from the renowned Villa Lobos Music School.

As a younger person, Monique was shy and insecure. She started her career playing for years in masses in the churches where she attended with her family. She was part of a singing group with her family: her parents and sister (very talented in their own right), as well as a youth group, always serving God in their expressions of artistry.

At age 15 she recorded a CD of Christian songs. She then entered the State University of Maringá, where she studied music. Upon graduation, she recorded her first DVD. Due to its success, she made her second one -- both with maximum capacity and great public acceptance.

She then moved to the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro and took a journey full of challenges in a completely new city. Fortuitously, on her trips back to her home city of Maringá , she started producing content in videos, with covers and unreleased songs, to expand her artistic journey ... waiting for the right opportunity. She also does special events ... and for 3 consecutive years, she won the Casamentos Awards given by the website to the best presenters of the year.

Monique Elen has always impressed her listeners with her vocal quality and repertoire, and moves all with her sensitivity and musical interpretation. Now a Bossa Nova Noites solo artist, and a key member of the Bossa Nova Noites multimedia and cultural theatrical project, Monique will share her talent, musicality and dedication with everyone.

Early on ... her biggest challenge was overcoming her insecurities as a person and a singer so that she could finally blossom and feel happy in every way. Monique herself says she feels she is "in" the best moment of her life to assume the huge responsibility of her musical gifts.

Monique Elen
Monique Elen

On the 2023 Bossa Nova Noites album Monique will be singing over 16 songs ... ranging from Brazilian classics to original international R&B and Pop songs. All of the music will present Monique in context of her Brazilian roots, while demonstrating an international music vision.

Bossa Nova Noites CEO Robert Hebert once remarked to a Brazilian music star: "Monique is not normal. No one has ever done what she is doing. Not ever."

Hebert further reflects on his 8 years partnering with Terri Lyne Carrington, now a music legend:

"With The Mosaic Project (released in 2011), which won the 2012 Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal album, I had the honor and experience of working with 21 of the most extraordinary musicians who ever lived ... who all just happened to also be women. That included the vocalists Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Esperanza Spalding, Nona Hendryx, Carmen Lundy, Gretchen Parlato, and Nikki Harris. Monique is every bit as good. But also, the thing is this": Monique Elen likely does things in a (masterful) way that none of them either can do or would do."

The world soon will see this. It actually is rather unavoidable at this point.

We believe in Monique.

She is ready to take her place as being one of the best vocalists in the world.

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