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“Bossa Nova Noites® is a 2-way media portal focused on the great legacy and the alchemy of Brazilian popular music."  

Bossa Nova Noites® is led by CEO, Producer & Impresario ROBERT A. HEBERT

Bossa Nova Noites® synergizes Brazilian and American music – producing both contemporary media and classic Brazilian music-themed cultural theatrical concerts.

Bossa Nova Noites® is the Brazilian content-themed TV concert / contemporary music / cultural theatrical producer focused on the global market.  Our success includes an unprecedented series of 10 events during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. 



Bossa Nova Noites® media and live shows feature the collaboration of acclaimed classic and contemporary music performers.  Notably, Bossa Nova Noites® is closely aligned with the legacies of Brazilian music icons: Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes.

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(Pictured above is Maria de Moraes, Julia de Moraes, Robert Hebert, Daniel Jobim and the late Paulo Jobim)



Bossa Nova Noites® is now launching both a new Brazilian legacy music project, and the contemporary music careers of a multi-ethnic, diverse collective of talented, fresh new Brazilian female singers, most notably, MONIQUE ELEN and MARI BODAS


Monique Elen


Mari Bodas

The "Robert Hebert: BOSSA NOVA NOITES® ... Soul Brasileiros" project is supported by a 4 Volume Music set of over 40 songs featuring established stars and our new stars.  With the new project, as Producer & Artist, Robert Hebert has envisioned a new music style crafted from the synergy of the roots of Brazilian music and the roots of the iconic music of his Chicago hometown.  Hebert sees our stars Monique and Mari  leading a major part of this connection between Brazilian music and culture and the world.

Hebert says:  "I have been here before.  I believe I know what it takes.  These extraordinary Brazilian women have the talent, grace, humility, humanity, perspective and strength of character to carry the weight.  They are solo contemporary popular music artists -- each with an individual music style, aesthetic and brand.  Yet they have chosen to travel this path together and with us to honor their (Brazil) culture, as we tell the universal story of the Africa-Brazil-U.S. to the world popular music diaspora.  I am greatly honored by that vision and their trust."

Hebert's previous "Alexandra Jackson: Legacy & Alchemy" project (featured on CNN) introduced new American star ALEXANDRA JACKSON alongside the late icons Miles Davis, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Al Jarreau, Dona Ivone Lara, Oscar Castro-Neves, Rod Temperton, Arthur Maia and Paulo Jobim, and living greats Carlinhos Brown, Ivan Lins, Daniel Jobim, Banda Black Rio, Hubert Laws, Siedah Garrett, Larry Dunn & Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire), Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones), Robertinho Silva, Teo Lima, Armando Marcal, Jesse Sadoc, Paulo Calasans, Joao Castilho, Marcelo Mariano, Andre Siqueira, Max Viana, Pretinho da Serrinha, Chris Walker, Curtis King, Jr., Darryl Tookes, Maestro Charles Floyd with The Bossa Nova Noites® Orquestra, and project co-Producer Maestro LARRY WILLIAMS.

The Bossa Nova Noites® concerts are available for global touring, OTA broadcast and streaming.

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