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Vitória Moraes

Who is Vitória Moraes?

Vitória Maria da Conceição Moraes was born and raised in the city of Magé, Brazil.

She speaks of being observant and creative as a child. She speaks of her cherished family -- strong people of strong beliefs.

Her innate creativity was revealed during what she describes as "an amazing childhood", where she always understood that she had different views about the world around her. It was then that she realized her gift and sensitivity for art. She took dance classes, participated in school plays. And, then singing ... falling in love with music. At 13 years old, she started guitar lessons, and that started everything.

Music became Vitoria's life.

She has always challenged herself ... running after anything that would advance her journey in music. She says that she has always been a person who has thought that "If you're scared, be really scared ... and, then move ahead as if your life depends on it."

Beginning at Age 15, she began in musical groups and performing in bars. She reflects on that early time as being very hard at the beginning. It was not easy to work in her small town of Mage ... finishing high school and working in animation, and going on church retreats. She then attended Tourism College ... fortuitous, as she met supportive people and experienced great personal growth.

All the time though ... she was singing, growing ... waiting for her opportunity.

Then, she heard her true calling: to embrace the roots of Samba ... Brazil's folk music. Now, she sees the wonderful path.

Like many, the Covid pandemic required Vitoria to more fully engage on social networks. There she met people who helped her confidence and find the courage to move from the broader "popular music" forms to the true legacy of Samba. During this time, she also had the opportunity to work for her local city government as a spokesperson ... making institutional videos, and even singing radio jingles.

Now, she sees her "door actually opening" as a solo Bossa Nova Noites artist. She is living the process ... now understanding that she is "living her opportunity" to communicate to the world the Brazilian legacy of Samba in a popular music context that is all embracing.

We are in 100% total agreement with her. This is our joint mission. For example ... Vitoria opens the Bossa Nova Noites concert with "A Felicidade" the classic Antonio Carlos Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes song that opens the 1959 classic film "Orfeu Negro."

Vitória Moraes

On the 2023 Bossa Nova Noites album Vitoria will be singing over 10 songs ... ranging from Brazilian classics to original international Pop songs. All of the music will present Vitoria in context of her Brazilian roots, while demonstrating an international vision.

Indeed, Vitoria speaks of Bossa Nova Noites as a platform to access her gifts. We see those gifts in an ethereal context. She is a talented, creative, resilient, spiritual person of humility and context. She is endearing. Someone you want to fight for.

Vitoria has a vision. We have told her that "Bossa Nova Noites' mission with you is to support your vision and help the world see that you have no ceiling as an artist and human being. From there, nothing will stop the inevitability of your becoming all that you are meant to become."

We believe that.

Victoria understands and embraces the Bossa Nova Noites contexts to always asking the question: "Why?" ... and to always "own" the practical, while embracing the dream.

Vitoria Moraes is a living embodiment of the legacy and alchemy of Brazilian music.

We know this to be true.

Soon, the world will see and believe as we do.

Vitória Moraes
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